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Songs From "Silencia"

Artist: Coldplay
Album          : Mylo Xyloto
Genre           : Electro-rock
Production   : 2011/Parlophone & EMI
Duration: 44:09 minutes
Mylo Xyloto is the fifth album of the band from London called Coldplay. Coldpay's member, which are Chris Martin (vocalist), Jonny Buckland (guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist), and Will Champion (drummer), released their fifth album in 2011 after waiting for 3 years since the release of their fourth album, Viva la Vida or the Death and All His Friends in 2008.
The album's name, Mylo Xyloto, it's very unique and make some people feels curious about what's the meaning behind the name. Colorful graffiti on the album's cover gives the impression of cheerful and free, because the streaks are messy but meaningful.
This album is different, because the concept of this album is "Rock Opera." By working with Mark Osborne, a filmmaker, coldplay made a story about the war against sound and color in the world called "Silencia&q…

For the "Uncourageous" People

(picture source: link)
I made this post for the people that has something to say for someone in their heart, in their life, in some situations, whether bad or good, whether their position on that situation is on up or bottom, and still many situation that makes your heart feels so burdened.
but they too shy to say. Too afraid to wrong. Too afraid to be a brave person. Too selfish to say sorry. Too worry to face the side-effect if they say the truth. especially about love.
You know what? sometimes the truth is hard to say, but someday you'll choose the truth than to lying over and over again, and someday you'll think that to be a honest person is the hardest thing to do. Even when your problem isn't very complicated than you think but to tell the truth isn't easy like flipping your hand. It will need a courage and self-confidence feeling, and also a trust to the person that you want to tell to. 
You must believe to yourself, too. Believe that you are quite brave to say…

good news. bad news.

hellowww fellas! how are you guys? I hope you all in a good condition :) sooo this is my second post on 2013, right?._. i don't know why, maybe I'm too busy too write a post on my blog *ok that's a lie._.* but i think that isn't a lie, because of my acceleration class program make me so busy all time. many assignment and school project that i have to do all time, and sometimes that things make me so sick @_@  but that's my choice so I must do that with spirit and keep smiling :D because both of them make me feels better when I'm in the bad times. 
last month, February I mean, I did my 2nd semester exam. so my grade will up to 11 :D *applause* and that's bring me a good and bad news._. what do you want to hear from me first? bad news or good news? okay, like an indonesian quote from a long time ago that said: "bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian," so i will tell you the bad news first._.
the bad news is................., some lessons mad…


ketika berdiam. ketika sepi. ketika sunyi. ketika sendiri.

apa yang kalian pikirkan?

imajinasi. fiktif. realita.

mungkin salah satu dari itu.
entahlah, mungkin ini awal dari kebimbangan.

ini adalah awal dari akhir.
mungkin ini sesuatu.
sesuatu yang tak pasti.

yang pasti, ini bukan puisi.
mungkin hanya sekedar kata-kata.

hanya ingin berbagi pikiran, itu saja.