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aah, it's December already. the autumn leaves, the wind that blows softly, the scent of the wet ground....I love all the things in December. especially, the winter :) but..unfortunately, I can't feel the winter in my country. Indonesia is tropical country. so, it only has summer and rainy season. well, this is my winter fashion outfits made by me on polyvore. Just for "iseng-iseng" :p I hope you like it, enjoy! :D
Rag & Bone Hamilton Boxy Tee., Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Red Limpish Asymmetric CoatGanni Pleated skirtCable-Knit Tights, Betsey Johnson Platform shoes, Acne Canada Scarf Camel, Bayswater bag

Tipe-tipe Pengunjung Café ala @poconggg

1. Eksmud

Ini golongan pengunjung dengan kasta tertinggi. Biasanya mereka datang pas jam makan siang. Orang-orang seperti ini nggak akan ngeliat harga kalo mesen makanan. Antara banyak duit atau emang nggak bisa ngitung. Tiap datang pakaiannya selalu rapih: Kemeja-dasi-pantovel. Kemeja-dasi-pantovel. Antara keren atau emang nggak punya baju lain.

2. Couple

Menurut penelitian, cowok akan jadi royal jika makan dengan pasangannya. Tingkah lakunya pun unik-unik. Yang kalo datang sendiri biasanya minum es teh manis, kalo sama pacar minumnya jadi kebarat-baratan, misalnya, Mocha-Licious Frosticcino. Kalo datang sendiri biasa mesennya nasi goreng ayam, kalo sama pacar tiba-tiba mesen Chicken Mashed Baked Potato.

Lain cerita buat cewek. Entah kenapa keanggunan mereka meningkat drastis. Dari yang biasa makannya banyak, mendadak jaim dan nggak mesen apa-apa. Duduknya jadi anteng.. Antara pengen anggun atau kepikiran naik haji.

Tapi mereka nggak salah.. Jatuh cinta emang gelisah. Mereka hanya ingin, …

Brian McKnight - Back at One (Piano &Vocal Cover by Mahanugra Kinzana))

one.. i found this video on youtube
two, I open this video and download it
three, I play this video again and again..
four, repeat steps two and three
five, You make me fallin' in love with this videooo <3

This really made my day! :)
Love it!!!!!!!!!!

found him on twitter (@NugraKinzana)

A Very Late Birthday Post

hey, long time no see :) it's october, finally! my sweetest moment come in this month. yes, it's my birthday month! I'm 14 years now! well, this is late, 'cause my birthday is in 11th October actually. but, who cares? ;)

Azza, Dewy, Me, Thasha having a fun lunch at pizza hut, lippo cikarang

Nisa, Azza, Dewy (left to right)

Via and Kiki
my friends, Kiki, have a camera-phobia. Lol. :D (on the way to citywalk Lippo Cikarang)
me and Thasha at McD citywalk
Azza and Dewy
 Via, Me, and Thasha (left to right)

Kiki, me, Thasha, Via, Azza, and Dewy (left to right)

Via, Me, Thasha, Nisa, Azza, and Dewy (left to right)
Well, thanks for all the birthday shoutout. Sorry If I can't reply your messages 1by1 :D thanks for everything guys!
xo, Nadine Angelique

Sweet Statement

I wonder how boys feels when they're in love.
do they get butterflies? do they have you on their min 24/7? do they wait for you to come online for hours? do they smiles at random times at the thought of you? do they miss you all the time? do they think about the smallest thing you say?

"We boys don’t get butterflies, we get fireworks. We don’t have you on our mind 24/7, but we do have you on our hearts. Often, yes we wait for you to go online, sometimes simply even just being online makes our heart skip a beat, even if we don’t talk. Whenever you talk to us, our face forms that half-smile; it means we are happy but are trying our hardest to not show it, and fail at hiding it. We do miss you all the time; granted, we’d spend all our time with you if possible. We don’t think of the smallest things you say, we think of every word you say, panicking at every single word, trying to define what it really means, to read between the lines. But wait there’s more.
We would love you in a m…

Fika-Nadine (Playboy by 7Icon) Lipsync

This video made by me and Fika

Black. Black. Black

Black is a color seen with fear and the unknown. It can have a bad meaning or a good meaning . Black can stand for strength and power. It can be a formal , elegant, and high-class color. Black clothing is common in emo and goth. And I just love this color because it looks glam and sexy :s

me with my dearest cousin, Fika

Break Your Heart ( Taio Cruz Cover ) & Maniac ( Girlicious Cover ) Mash...

TOMMY HILFIGER : Styling Contest

Long time no see with my Looklet account. and when I opened that today.............TADAAAA! I have seen this message! :D
I'm so glad to see the ads. And, finally, I joined the contest. this is one of the looks that I created for the contest:
what do you think? preppy or not? just wait and see, if i can be nomination or not. wish me luck! :) #fingercrossed


After I deleted my blog for a long time, suddenly I felt something was missing. So, I decided to create a new blog with the title and the same link.
Enjoy my (new) blog! :D