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A Very Late Birthday Post

hey, long time no see :) it's october, finally! my sweetest moment come in this month. yes, it's my birthday month! I'm 14 years now! well, this is late, 'cause my birthday is in 11th October actually. but, who cares? ;)

Azza, Dewy, Me, Thasha having a fun lunch at pizza hut, lippo cikarang

Nisa, Azza, Dewy (left to right)

Via and Kiki
my friends, Kiki, have a camera-phobia. Lol. :D (on the way to citywalk Lippo Cikarang)
me and Thasha at McD citywalk
Azza and Dewy
 Via, Me, and Thasha (left to right)

Kiki, me, Thasha, Via, Azza, and Dewy (left to right)

Via, Me, Thasha, Nisa, Azza, and Dewy (left to right)
Well, thanks for all the birthday shoutout. Sorry If I can't reply your messages 1by1 :D thanks for everything guys!
xo, Nadine Angelique