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Cheating? uh-oh?

hey there, it's my first post in April, right? yeah, i've been busied by national exam a few days ago. and yes, I was I'm in the third grade of Junior High School. as you know, this month is really breathless from the rest of the month, especially for high school students who should do the national examination.

Many people thought national examination was scary, until there's a student who gives his pencil a spell in order to get a good score in examination (oh man, this is ridiculous). whereas, in the answer sheet, there is a sentence: "I did the test honestly" but somehow still many students who are cheating. this is already couldn't be avoided again, because "cheating" has been like a requirement for students in the school. everywhere a good cheating tips explained. for example: Youtube. 
When I opened my youtube account today, i saw this video become "recommended videos" in youtube. lol.